Wonder Woman: kNOCking heads

by J. Lamb (Snoopy Jenkins)

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman polarizes the ongoing debate over live-action female superhero movies. Advocates for a Wonder Woman movie routinely pen supportive op-eds that offer suggestions to Warner Brothers and DC Comics, while detractors decry a live-action Wonder Woman movie as an obnoxious waste of movie funding better spent promoting other female minority superheroes.

To examine this debate, I sat down with Will West of williambrucewest.com. He’s forgotten more about popular culture than I’ve ever known, and he provides expert commentary on the history of Wonder Woman, financial pressures of superhero comics and the comics industry, the impact of feminist critiques of modern comics, and much more!

This is a discussion you do NOT want to miss! A half-hour of brilliant superhero comics commentary to answer the question: Why Wonder Woman?

Some choice quotes after the jump.

WW never really earned her spot in DC’s Trinity. She’s is there because they’re all basically in the same high school class together, and they remain friends. But some of them went off to dot coms, and some went off to Burger King. Wonder Woman went off to Burger King, but they still answer her calls. – Will West

… even if she looks like a stripper at Mardi Gras, that suit is a symbol. just like that “S” means hope where he comes from, and just like Bats strikes fear in the hearts of criminals, that suit is a symbol to many people out there … – Will West

… The only reason we keep ever have this conversation about a Wonder Woman movie … is because White feminists want to see themselves …  – J. Lamb

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